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Collection and Disposal of Electronic Waste

As the information technology industry advances, electronic devices are becoming increasingly essential. However, the daily disposal of outdated and broken electronics and household items is also creating pressure on the environment.

Although GSA Metal primary purpose is not to clean e-waste in Vietnam, we are still helping to reduce the amount of obsolete and damaged electronic and household components being discharged daily, thus protecting the environment and everyone’s health.

The GSA Metal company specializes in quickly and reliably collecting and processing scrap electronics, as well as liquidating computer and telecommunications facilities and warehouses.

GSA Metal collects various electronic scrap items, such as:

  1. Telecommunications circuits, disk boards, modem circuits, photo circuits, and digital circuits.
  2. Laptop processors and computer servers.
  3. Old, broken and outdated keyboards, phones and smartphones.
  4. Damaged old electronic components.

Electronic waste collection and disposal price list:

Our company specializes in collecting, exporting, and processing electronic waste. To ensure our customers receive the best service possible, we have formed joint ventures to diversify functions and become strategic partners of domestic and foreign organizations, factories, and complex treatment areas. We prioritize safety and provide reasonably priced collection, transportation, and processing services. To further increase our responsibility and develop our brand, we actively listen to our customers’ comments and suggestions.

Since electronic components are very different types, we cannot give you an exact price, but depending on whether the item is an IC, a chip, a board, RAM, the prices will be different.

For more information about the price of electronic scrap, customers can contact us by following the instructions below:

•  You can visit CH PLAY and download the app: “GSA Quotation”, and you can see the updated prices.

•  Or call HOTLINE: +84767796600 to negotiate prices and replace electronic components.


2022 @ Copyright by GSA Metal Co., Ltd

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2022 @ Copyright by GSA Metal Co., Ltd

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